Download GAPPS For Android 13 Custom ROMs

Google has officially released the Android 13 operating system, which includes powerful Dynamic Theming functionality and usability enhancements for improved user experiences. Some OEMs have already launched Android 13 for their flagship devices, while many devices are not eligible for the update. However, users can still enjoy the features of Android 13 with custom ROMs. To use the custom ROMs, GApps will be required. We’ve included a link to Download GApps For Android 13.

GApps packages are important in the Android aftermarket developer community. They are specifically developed as optional add-ons for custom ROMs that may be used to install Google apps such as Google Play Store on your smartphone. The Android 13 GApps include Play Services, Gmail, Google Maps, Calendar, Photos, YouTube, Digital Wellbeing, and other important Google Inc. apps.

Several developers have already started working on custom ROMs, and we will soon see them running on Android 13. If you’re running an Android 13 custom ROM and are having trouble getting the Android 13 GApps package, this article will help.

Download GApps For Android 13

We’ve given a direct download link for Android 13 GApps. The GApps are all packaged together in a zip file that can be flashed using a custom recovery. You must flash the GApps together with the ROM file to use all of the Google Apps, such as Play Services, Play Store, and Dialer.

Download Android 13 NikGapps

Android 13 NikGapps

 Nikhil built and maintains the popular package NikkGapps. NikGapps has a variety of options to meet your needs. It is available in six different variants, each distinguished by the number of applications that it supports, and it includes a SetupWizard module. It includes a modified version of YouTube and a launcher, as well as nikgapps.config and debloater.config, which allows you to manage your installation and remove unneeded files from your Rom. Download NikGApps for Android 13 Custom ROMs from the links provided below.

  • Download NikGApps for Android 13 – Download

Download Android 13 LiteGapps


Wahyu6070’s Litegapps is a lightweight and simplistic Gapps. Users can tailor their demands by using LiteGapps++, LiteGapps Controller, LiteGapps Remover, and LiteGapps Addon. It also provides a system and systemless installation systems via Recovery and Magisk. You may get more information on Litegapps addons and installation methods here. Download LiteGapps for Android 13 custom ROMs from the links provided below.

  • Download LiteGApps for Android 13 – Download

Download Android 13 BiTGApps

Android 13 BiTGApps

BitGapps is a popular package created and maintained by TheHitMan. You may still utilize Google Services despite just receiving a basic GApps bundle. BitGApps is precisely balanced, optimized, tuned, and bloatware-free.

  • Download BitGApps for Android 13 – Download

Download Android 13 MindTheGapps

BitGapps is a popular package created by LineageOS contributor and XDA senior member aleasto. MindTheGapps is a lightweight Gapps package that is the officially recommended GApps solution by the LineageOS team for its custom ROM.

  • Download MindTheGapps for Android 13 – Download

How to Install GApps on Android 13 ROM using TWRP Recovery

To begin, you must have the most recent Gapps packages for Android 13. After downloading the appropriate package for your smartphone, you may flash it using a custom recovery. Learn how to install Android 13 GApps on your device.

  1. Download the Android 13 GApps zip file from the link provided above.
  2. Boot your phone into recovery mode by either the ADB command or the hardware button combinations.
  3. Once in recovery, choose Install and browse to the place where you saved the Gapps file.
  4. To install the GApps, choose the Android 13 Google Apps zip file and slide the Swipe to Confirm Flash on the TWRP screen.
  5. When the flashing is finished, restart your phone and set up a Google account.

Wrapping Up: Download Android 13 GApps

This is the simplest method for downloading and installing GApps For Android 13. We will keep updating this post with the most recent version of GApps.

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