LG Velvet Start Receiving Android 13 Update

The latest Android 13 Update for LG Velvet starts rolling out via OTA to users in South Korea. The update comes with the latest firmware version V40b-Jan-17-2023, a security patch, and a handful of new features.

LG Velvet Android 13 update

Not all changes are listed in the screenshot, but it points to one of the most notable Android 13 improvements. The update brings new media player controls to the lock screen and notification bar and added the ability to scan QR code from the quick setting window.

A notification permissions feature is also included. Apps you download will need your permission in order to send notifications. This will help you keep manage notifications altogether.

The update is being rolled out in a phased manner and will reach you soon. The update will be randomly pushed out to a limited number of users today, and a wider rollout should follow in the coming weeks. The update download size is about 1.4GB for a manual installation, so ensure you have sufficient storage.

How to manually check LG Velvet Android 13 Update

As mentioned, the latest software update for the LG Velvet is rolling out in a phased method. Hence it will take some days to cover all the devices at once. You will receive a software update notification, or you can navigate to Settings >> Software update to check if it is already available.

  • Open Phone Settings.
  • Scroll Down and tap on About Phone.
  • Click on Software update and tap Check for Updates.
  • If the new update is available, simply click on Download now.

If the update is not available on your phone, you may either wait a few days or manually upgrade the LG Velvet using the LG Bridge tool. We will also send you the download link as soon as it is ready. Before installing the update, make a backup of your device and ensure that you have enough storage space.


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